Bed Ideas for the Barge

I’m still dreaming about living on a converted barge. Space is at a premium, so each item must be functional, and double purpose if possible. I’m not known for always being that practical, so a few are just beds that I love. A girl has to dream sometimes.

Modern Houseboat

I’m fascinated with living on a houseboat in France right now. Probably the stress of working 15 hours a day, alone, in an isolated house. I want to be part of a community of fun people. But, I don’t think I could take the typical Captain’s Club look for more than a week. I want a bright, modern, hip houseboat. Not many around, but the ones that you find really stand out. Here’s an example.


Bohemian Houseboat

I just returned from a trip to Paris to discover I have a passion for houseboats. On the Seine. Very near central Paris. Ok. It’s nice to dream. I’ve been shopping around for houseboats, and most of them are converted barges. These are the ideal size for the extensive canal system. But most have the “skipper” look to them. Dark wood, blue cushions, messy storage, antiquated bathrooms. You can smell the dampness from the pictures. But since this is my dream, the houseboat has to be modern, a bit bohemian, and livable. After extensive searching I found my vision.


On a mission to find out who did the conversion? In the meantime, these pictures help to keep the dream alive.

The bedroom has a bathtub in it. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. For me the tolite needs its own room.