Color Outside – Keeyla Meadows

Yesterday on a fountain excursion to American Soil I wandered into the landscape work of Keeyla Meadows and never wanted to leave. I’d seen pictures before of her outdoor art, but didn’t make the immediately connection to the beautiful display I was captivated by. Hours of research later, and I’m ready to start my own paver and planter designs. I’ll need her master vision to put it all together, but I can get some of the pieces going now.

Her work reminds me of Matisse — so here is a jumble of inspirational images. Pottery class on my list for next fall.







Fields of Lavender

Bunches and bunches of lavender for the bees to thrive and visitors to find a place of calm. We plant several varieties for a long blooming seasons. Lavender has few pests, requires little water, and provides the property with ancient beauty. The first to bloom in the spring are the Spanish lavenders, which when pruned will have a second or third bloom in late summer. English lavenders bloom next, Hidcote is a popular choice. Finally, the English Lavender Hybrids bloom last. Popular varieties in the Sonoma Valley are Provence and Grosso.